Awesome Batman Villain Mashup Character Designs!

The villains that Batman has to fight off are some of the most well-known villains in comic books, and there a ton of them! Artist Eric Y. Huang came up with an incredibly cool concept to mix things up a bit, and mash together certain villains. For example the image about mashes together The Joker with The Riddler, and it's awesome! Check out the rest of the mash-ups below! The artist calls this art series... "Villainy Mix", and all of the characters compliment each other very well in these mashups. Who's your favorite combination of villains?!

Paytonharley - The Ventriloquist and Harley Quinn 

Poisoncat - Catman and Poison Ivy

Twoclay - Clayface and Two-Face

Banecrocodile - Bane and Killer Croc

Freezepenguin - Mr. Freeze and The Penguin

Madcrow - Mad Hatter and Scarecrow

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