Two Trailers For Paul Walker's VEHICLE 19

Two trailers have been released for Paul Walker's Vehicle 19 giving us our first look at the Mukunda Michael Dewil-directed action thriller. I don't think the movie looks like anything special, but Walker is going out of his way to create roles like this for himself. He not only stars in the film, but he's producing it as well. You never know though, maybe it will be better than it looks. 


A recently paroled man is given the wrong vehicle at a rental company and stumbles upon key evidence in a corruption trial. After being framed by crooked cops, he must circumvent an entire police force in a city he doesn't know if he is to clear his name and get the evidence to the prosecution in time. 

There's no release date set for the film yet, but check out the trailer and let us know if it looks like something you'd want to see. 

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