Intense WORLD WAR I Short Film - COWARD

Here's a must watch, incredibly well made and intense short called Coward which is set during World War I, and it takes us into the insanity of trench warfare. The movie was directed by David Roddham, and the production design, acting and cinematography are all impressively top-notch! Here's the synopsis:

Coward is a 28 minute film set during World War 1 that brings to light some of the brutal treatment soldiers received for suffering what would now be known as shell-shock.

It follows two cousins, Andrew and James, from their home in Northern Ireland who join the British Army to fight for their Country and make their families proud.

Through their eyes we see the reality of life on the front lines.

I don't see how in the world people could fight a war like this. It's just insane, and there's no way anyone could live through something like this and not come out a little messed up. I really thought this was a great short film, and I hope you appreciate it. Check it out! 

"COWARD" from Stephen Murphy on Vimeo.