Josh Brolin and Chris Meloni Join SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR!


Dimension Films has now announced that Josh Brolin (Gangster Squad) and Chris Meloni (Law & Order: SVU) have landed lead roles in Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. Brolin will play Dwight, previously played by Clive Owen, and Meloni will be playing a cop in the film. I imagine the cop is going to be a hard-edged type character. Meloni is a solid actor who also was in HBO's OZ series, and you all know Brolin kicks ass as an actor.

Just last night it was announced that Joseph Gordon-Levitt also took on a main role in the film of a character named Johnny. Gordon-Levitt has since released a statement on being cast in the film saying,

I love how the first movie uses VFX, not to make fake things look real, but to create a heightened world unburdened by the look and feel of reality. Plus, nobody makes a badass like Mr. Rodriguez.

The two actors will join Rosario Dawson, Mickey Rourke, Jessica AlbaClive Owen, and Jamie King who are reprising their roles from the first film. Then there's Jamie Chung and Dennis Haysbert who are replacing Devon Aoki and Michael Clarke Duncan. There's also a chance that Josh Brolin will end up joining the film as well.

The plot for Sin City 2 comes from the stories A Dame To Kill For, Just Another Saturday Night, and a new one Frank Miller wrote called The Long, Bad Night, which apparently centers on Alba's character Nancy Callahan who will be the connection between the two films.

The movie is set to be released on October 4th, 2013.

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