New Monstrous Details Revealed for GODZILLA Remake!

Movie Godzilla by Joey Paur

Some cool new details have emerged from the Godzilla remake that Legendary Pictures is currently producing. There's still not much information on the film that is being written by Frank Darabont and directed by Gareth Edwards, but we now know for sure that there will be more than one monster. The following information comes from CHUD who says the intel is 100% true...

  • The film will feature more than one monster, confirming that two new monsters will also be wreaking havoc – this in addition to the big green guy.
  • Warner Bros. made it clear that their interpretation of the material “follows the story of a soldier” and is “way different” than the Toho Godzilla films.

Apparently this info was revealed by the promotional arm of Warner Bros. who just wrapped a meeting detailing their upcoming slate for advertisers. It's not really surprising to me that we would see more than one giant monster, in fact I was counting on it. As for for the film being "way different" than the orignal films, they showed their concept of the film off at Comic-Con last year, and it was obvious that the tone and scope were going to be very different. So I guess the one bit of news that is news to me, is that the story will follow a soldier. 

All I know is the footage I've seen was epically awesome, and the fact that Darabont is doing a re-write is a huge plus for any movie geek! So yeah, I'm pretty excited about this. 

Godzilla is set destroy theaters on May 16th, 2014 in 3D.

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