TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D Will Possibly Get 6 More Sequels

Movieby Joey Paur

A surprising amount of people flocked to theaters to see Texas Chainsaw 3D this last weekend, and it brought in over $21 million - which is more that what it was expected to bring in. The producers were happy with the return, and it looks like we're going to see a sequel. 

Bloody-Disgusting reports that the producers behind Texas Chainsaw 3D acquired the rights to make up to 7 Texas Chainsaw films (including this first one), and that this first one is just the beginning of Leatherface's bloody chainsaw adventures. So the franchise is going to once again be run into the ground. Work has already started on the sequel.

I've heard that Texas Chainsaw 3D is awful, so I have yet to see. I think I'm just going to wait until I can watch it on VOD. Did you see the movie? Are you excited to hear that we could end up seeing six more of these horror movies?

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