These NES Converse Sneakers Are Perfect For Retro Gamer Lovers

If you’re a retro game lover (like myself) then you will simply love this. Maya Pixelskaya, an artist that specializes in retro games, was commissioned to make these lovely NES Converse sneakers. Oh boy, did they ever come out great!

Take a  look at how she includes almost every part from the controllers and the system itself, it all looks fantastic. What I love the most about these sneakers is the fact that it doesn’t look heavily painted on, unlike how many other custom Converse kicks tend to look.

Only problem is, Maya only made one pair of these. But I'm sure if you search around places like Etsy or Ebay, you could find some other variations.

Even though I know we can play retro NES games on the Wii consoles or various emulators, I kind of wish Nintendo would do a custom “retro” line of consoles. Let’s say, a limited special edition of the NES console. I’m sure many enthusiasts would hop on that.

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