5 Ways to Improve Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Three episodes in and the word is out. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.   is a widespread "meh" for most people I talk to. With viewership taking a nosedive after the premiere episode, it seems the team has found their stride in viewership, and according to some analysts will likely get picked up for a second season. That being said, there's still the peanut gallery and their complaints. I've heard a lot, and I have a few myself along with some suggestions that, in my opinion, would make the show exponentially better in the second season.

5. Tone Down The Score. 

This is perhaps the thing that most annoys me about the show, but it's the easiest fix. There is a constant score within the show. Most the time you realize it because it's much louder than it should be. Sometimes it kills a Coulson joke, other times it's just plain distracting. I realize the score is good. Maybe I'd buy the album if they didn't live stream it over the top of the show. 

4.  We Know You're In Bed With Disney. You Can Stop Telling Us.

I feel like there is some unspoken quota in which every Disney series is required to subtly work Star Wars and Marvel into its script, and Marvel must do the same in this show. Why else would a brilliant scientist name his flying robots after the seven dwarfs? Seriously, it's more cringey than hearing the Stan from Dog With A Blog say, "May the force be with you."

 3. Make The Team A Bit More Diverse Or Change Their Personalities.

In terms of characters, Agent Coulson is about the only person I really feel a connection with. Jemma and Leo (the scientists) really are the same person written for the sole purpose of them hooking up at some point I would guess, and the same could be said for Grant and Melinda   . I'm three episodes in and I had to look up their names! I usually identify them as Science guy with the accent, the science girl, the Asian pilot, and the black haired guy...oh yeah, and Skye. I remember Skye's name! Why? Because she's the so desperate to fit in for approval with the squad I'll show you guys I'm not useless, and I hate the way they are writing her character right now. She's good at hacking! Just leave it at that and stop making her so bubbly. Really wouldn't mind some character development in future episodes.

 2. Nick Fury Doesn't Need To Appear...


It was kind of cool to see Samuel L. Jackson in episode 2, but you have to imagine the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. has a lot better things to do than fly down and ream Agent Coulson about a hole in a plane when considerable parts of New York were decimated. It was a shameless ploy to draw interest into the show and not well executed at that. I had no idea it even happened until I went into work the next day as I had flipped the channel when the show seemed over! This isn't a movie! You can't expect me to stay post credits!

 1. Enough With The '80s Success Sequence Of The Team.

Why do we need to see the smile on everyone's face when the conflict is resolved? Did I really need to see Coulson's awkward smile nod to Grant (had to look it up in post) after the head shot? The thumbs up was complete cheese as well. I wrote it off as silly pilot antics at first, but then it happened again...and again. Guys, for the love of Odin (see?! because I'm writing about Marvel), please end this if nothing else. It's so unnecessary, and it makes me feel like I'm watching The A Team.

All that being said, I still love the action, Coulson's antics, and the general direction they are taking the show. I just want to see it perform better and have more people to talk about it with. Fix these things Marvel, and I think you'll see a third season.

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