Cartoon Style Evolution of BREAKING BAD's Walter White

Artist Jeff Victor has created another fantastic piece of cartoon style evolution tribute art for a pop culture icon. This time it's Bryan Cranston's Walter White from the incredible series Breaking Bad, and it shows us the evolution of the character's descent into villainy. Here's a note from the artist,

...and just like that, the best show on TV right now comes to a close. I remember being blown away by the very first episode six years ago, and now, after seeing the finale, I realize what a masterpiece the whole show has become. Walter White is one of the most fascinating characters ever shown on screen, and Brian Cranston's performance is nothing short of a revelation. I wanted to honor him, and the show with my latest Evolution. Thank you BB, for all the great memories!

I know the show is over, but I'm very much looking forward to the spin-off series that will focus on the character Saul.


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