STAR WARS: EPISODE VII - Casting News and Teaser Trailer Coming Soon?

Disney and Lucasfilm have yet to make any official casting announcements for Star Wars: Episode VII, but according to a recent tweet by journalist Ali Arikan, we could have officially casting announcements as soon as tomorrow, and maybe even a teaser trailer for the film coming sooner rather than later. Arikan is the chief film critic of Dipnot TV, and apparently he has a track record of being right on Star Wars news. So this is what he tweeted,

“So here’s what I’m hearing about Episode VII. Casting and title announcements are imminent, possibly today or tomorrow. But that’s not all. I’ve heard word that there’ll be an announcement trailer/teaser featuring Luke. Tweeting this so I look like Nikki Finke if/when it happens.”

If this turns out to be true, how freakin' cool would that be!? I can imagine the teaser trailer featuring Mark Hamill back in shape as Luke Skywalker looking like a badass old Jedi wearing a robe and holding his lightsaber. It will be glorious, and Star Wars fans will go apeshit! 

As soon as anything happens we'll keep you updated!  

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