POKEMON ORIGINS Anime Is Now Online!

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We posted about a Pokemon Origins anime awhile back, talking about how it would follow the game more than the show did. To say more was an understatement! This game follows all the key events in the game all the way down to the text boxes popping up to save! With that said these episodes are only about 22 minutes each, so the journey is summarized quite a bit! For example we don't see the gym battles between Misty and LT. Surge, but we did see the full gym battle with Brock that went down much like it would if you were a new player playing Pokemon!

This anime really made my jaw drop with some of the fighting. There's one scene in particular with Green's (Red's rival, aptly named due to Pokemon Green being the companion game in Japan and not Blue) Squirtle biting Charmander! It made me cringe a bit to see the intensity of that! This series will floor you and make you wish there was a full running series. Hopefully with enough support that will happen! Check out all four subtitled episodes below.

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