Marvel Comics' AVENGERS Panel - NYCC 2013

GeekTyrant is at NYCC, and I attended Marvel's Avengers panel. In recent weeks, Marvel has released teasers almost everyday. The meanings of some have been revealed. These teasers are for both new books and new story arcs in established titles.

Avengers World

The teaser for this one was "Global." This will take place after the current Infinity storyline. The Avengers come back to a changed earth and have to figure out how to maintain control worldwide. It will be written by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer, although Tom Brevoort pointed out it's mostly Spencer, which makes sense, seeing as Hickman is doing a ton of stuff for Marvel at the moment. 

Avengers Arena

"Everybody dies," joked Dennis Hopeless, but let's be real: X-23 is unkillable. I don't see her getting picked off anytime soon. 

Avengers Undercover

A new title coming in February 2014 spins off of Avengers Arena, where some of the kids go undercover in the Masters of Evil. Hopeless pointed out that a lot of these kids are suffering from severe PTSD. “They may find out they have more in common with these villains than originally thought.”

New Avengers

This is one of my favorite books at the moment. Brevoort and Hickman both said that it is also the most important book. The title will be focusing on Black Bolt and the Inhumans after Infinity wraps up. The only thing that bothers me about this book is the title. I so badly want it to be called Marvel's Illuminati

Thor: God of Thunder

Malekith is wreaking havoc and Thor has to assemble the League of Realms to combat him. This storyline is crazy and I am loving it. It is no doubt happening because of Thor: The Dark World, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.

Loki: Agent of Asgard

A new title launching soon, with Loki as the main character! We were told it’s all about lies because that’s what Loki does best. Writer Al Ewing stated, "We will always lie to you. We will trick you, every single issue."

Captain America

The “Mindbubble” teaser was referencing an upcoming story arc where a villain Dr. Mindbubble, a product of the Weapon Minus program, who was developed just to kill supersoldiers, becomes a problem for Cap. He is malevolent and yet “can kill you with kindness,” Brevoort said.

Avengers AI

The teaser “Extinction” was for an upcoming story arc.

Secret Avengers

This is going to be even more covert and pulpy in the coming months. A fan asked whether Venom will ever come back to the team (referencing Rick Remender's run). Brevoort disappointed us all when he said, “No.” But Spider-Woman will indeed join the team. Also, an unnamed member will also be joining soon.

Black Widow

One of the best things ever! The teaser for this one was “Atonement.” The creative team of Nathan Edmundson and Phil Noto will take the character to “new depths.”

Everything Else Worth Mentioning:

When a fan asked about the current status of retired Nick Fury, Brevoort teased, "he’ll be showing up in one of our books soon in a big way!"

When a fan asked whether Deadpool will ever be on an Avengers team, Brevoort said “No, we don’t like people with open sores.” Discouraging, yes, but it makes sense.

Neil Gaiman is still a consultant with Marvel.

A fan pointed out the only characters at Marvel who use swords are antiheroes and women. Just thought it was funny how true that statement actually is when you think about it.

Another fan asked about the current status of The Hood, Brevoort said there are currently no plans for the character within the Avengers but to stay tuned.

I am very excited for what the future holds for our mighty heroes. 

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