Marvel Comics' X-MEN Panel Breakdown - NYCC 2013

Mutantkind and their struggle for equality has only just begun...

Amazing X-Men

A new title launching in November, from Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness. Nightcrawler is coming back! Some comic book characters you want to stay dead, others not so much. Nightcrawler is a fan favorite, and I am incredibly excited for his return.


By the superb writer Brian Wood, the upcoming story arc will revolve around Monet (from X-Factor) joining the team.

All-New X-Men

X-23 is joining the cast, as shown by an upcoming cover where she is kissing a silhouetted character later revealed to be young cyclops.  The "Judgement" and "Trial" refer to "The Trial of Jean Grey," a crossover between All New X-Men and The Guardians of the Galaxy, the storyline focuses on the other races in the galaxy, including the Shi’ar when they decide that they should put young Jean Grey on trial for the Phoenix’s crimes over the years.

Uncanny X-Men

The upcoming story arc will be dealing with the Inhuman population that skyrockets after the events of Infinity. There will be a character that "will have people throwing things at Bendis," said Nick Lowe. I don't really get why they pride themselves on that fact. The same thing happened with Dan Slott and Spider-Man.

Savage Wolverine

The title will now become a spotlight book for artists to write and draw their signature Wolverine story. I think that idea is really cool and should be done more often. The "Wrath" teaser was referring to an upcoming arc that takes place in the '30s

X-Men Legacy

My personal favorite X-book out on the market right now. If you aren't reading it, you should be. Si Spurrier thanked the fans for giving it a chance. "Keep an eye on the news, because there are big things coming up." 


The current arc sees Wolverine losing his healing factor and is titled "Killable." It ends in December 2013. Even though I doubt we'll see the death of Marvel's Batman, the current arc is actually quite good and focuses more on the psyche of the feral mutant. "Wolverine's been dealing with missing his healing factor... Will he get his healing factor back, will he not? I know you all think you have the answer, but I promise you won't see the end coming." said Jeanine Schaefer.


 I really like this title. Yes it's funny and over the top, but it also has a lot of heart. Gerry Duggan said, “We’re playing a pretty long game, a pretty fun game. We are plotted out a long ways out. There’s gonna be some real consequences... that will change Deadpool. His life is changing.” There is also an upcoming annual issue that will answer the question, "Whatever happened to Deadpool's white caption boxes?"

All-New X-Factor

This was the “Corporate” teaser with Peter David. While I don't understand the reason for starting over I couldn't be more excited. “It's a very different take on X-Factor,” Lowe teased. David said, “My work tends to stay rooted in the real world, aside from occasional battles with hell. In the real world, the Corporate presence is everywhere. I thought about it, and why wouldn't a corporation get into a team of superheroes? So I created Serval Industries, a company that started out by creating the largest search engine in the Marvel Universe, and decides to create a superhero team. He bought the name X-Factor off Jamie Madrox, and is assembling a team. He brought Polaris on, and the two other members in issue 1 are Quicksilver and Gambit, which will be fun for me, cause I've never written Gambit! There are three other members of the team, but I am not allowed to tell you yet." I cannot freaking wait! Awesome characters with a very real world yet unique storyline.

Everything Else Worth Mentioning

Wolverine and the X-Menwill be dealing with S.H.I.E.L.D., and helping to reestablish the X-Men's connection to the larger Marvel Universe in the coming months.

Uncanny X-Force  and Cable and X-Forceill clash in a crossover in January. The crossover is called "Vendetta." The event will be weekly for the month of January, with two issues of each shipping that month, where we will see the return of Stryfe.

Don't forget about the upcoming miniseries, Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe.

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