TRON 3 Update from Writer Adam Horowitz

MovieTron 3by Joey Paur

I'm incredibly excited for the prospect of a third Tron film! I want it to happen so bad! I enjoyed Tron: Legacy, and I think a third film could actually end up being even better. Director Joseph Kosinski already has plans for it and even is looking to redesign the whole world of Tron again, which I really want to see. Writer Adam Horowitz recently talked to Forbes, saying the plans for the third film are still moving forward,

Hopefully we’ll have some news about what’s going on forward with the next one soon. There’s nothing official to announce now but hopefully soon, but it’s chugging along. It is. Eddie [Kitsis] and I are co-producers on the film. And we have a script that’s being written by a great writer named Jesse Wigutow. And we’re really, really excited. I mean the studio is hopefully excited, but Joe [Kosinski, the director] is involved and everybody’s involved and everybody is waiting to get the go-ahead and we’re hopeful.

In regards to some of the criticism Tron: Legacy received, Horowitz said “if we’re lucky enough to continue on with the franchise, we only want to keep making it better.” Hopefully Disney gives them the opportunity to do that.

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