THE WALKING DEAD Spinoff Series Takes Place on The Moon?!

About a month ago AMC announced that they are developing a new Walking Dead spinoff series. There was no information at the time about what the show will involve, but according to The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, the series will be set on the Moon. 

At New York Comic-Con last week, MTV talked to Kirkman about the show, and this is how the conversation went down:

Robert Kirkman: It’s going to be a new location with new characters, it won’t be dependent on the previous show at all.

MTV Splashpage: It’s Walking Dead in Space, right?”

Kirkman: Yes! It’s Walking Dead On The Moon.

So is The Walking Dead spinoff actually taking place on the moon? It must be right? Especially if Kirkman says it is. The information couldn't come from a more solid source. How the hell does that even play out? How do the Walkers get to the moon? And where on the Moon will it take place? A moon-base? I don't know how that could even really work! Kirkman must have just been screwing around.


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