5 Things You Didn't Know about BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES

For veteran fans of the series and those that have always been curious about the appeal of the show, here are 5 things you didn't know about Batman: The Animated Series.  

5. Ron Perlman voiced ClayFace, Slade, Killer Croc, Bane, and even Batman.

Fun little fact, Batman: TAS was only Perlman's second recurring role in a television show at the time. This eventually led to him voicing several other characters. Perlman voiced Killer Croc and Bane in the TAS, Doctor Double X in Batman: The Brave And The Bold, Slade in Teen Titans, and even Batman in the game Justice League Heroes.

Personally I think it would be awesome for him to reprise the role of Clayface in a Batman film, but that's just me.  

4. Bruce Timm's Batman was inspired by Space Ghost.



We aren't talking Cartoon Network late night talk show host Space Ghost, by the way, but the original 1960s Space Ghost. Side by side I can definitely see the resemblance.

3. Kevin Conroy was the first actor to use separate voices for Batman and Bruce Wayne.

Supposedly it was his own idea. I'm sure he never guessed the impact his decision would have on the series.

2. Arlene Sorkin was the inspiration for Harley Quinn before she voiced the character. 

Of course Harley Quinn became so popular she was later written into comics and several other episodes. It's worth noting that while writer Paul Dini tells Kevin Smith the origin in the above video, show producers have said that the creation of the character was spurred by a refusal to let the Joker dress in drag as an attractive model. 

1. Tim Curry was originally approached to voice The Joker but was deemed too sadistic.

It would sound kind of messed up to have the joker acting...so serious? Of course, we all know Mark Hamill got the job and made the voice iconic.

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