PSYCHONAUTS Figures Now Available: Add a Little Psycho to Your Collection

The cult classic Psychonauts has become renowned as an unsung hero of PC gaming. Incredibly fun to play, wacky story and quirky characters all mashed together into an amazing gaming experience that everyone should try at least once. Was it perfect? Of course not. It was plagued by camera issues and occasional control fiascoes, but overall, it is worth remembering. To help the memory of Psychonauts live on, Double Fine has released a set of fantastic Psychonauts figures!

You can buy a random figure for $7 a piece or pick up the entire set for $70. I think they look gorgeous and definitely worth adding to my collection. While you are on the site, you can pick up a copy of DRM-free Psychonauts for a paltry $10. It’s a great way to spend a weekend, trust me.

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