Kevin Feige Talks Marvel Films and Calls ANT-MAN a Heist Movie

Marvel president Kevin Feige has been doing a ton of press for Thor: The Dark World, and of course everyone is going to ask what plans there are for the future of their cinematic universe. While talking to IGN, Feige addressed a few rumors regarding a Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers crossover film. He also talks a little bit more about Doctor Strange, saying, 

"It’s no secret that the supernatural angle, the angle of alternate and parallel dimensions, we have not done in any of the films, and is not only a big part of the Doctor Strange comics, but also a big part of the Marvel Universe that we haven’t explored yet. So, I love the notion of tapping into all of that through Strange one day."

He also talked about Ant-Man, saying that when Edgar Wright pitched the film to Marvel years ago he pitched it as a heist film, and they liked that idea. I love a good heist film, so it should be be fun! 

You can watch the full video interview below, where Feige talks about even more stuff with Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor.

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