Ethan Hawke Reteaming with GATTACA Director Andrew Niccol

Via: Deadline

Ethan Hawke is set to team up with writer and director Andrew Niccol for a new untitled thriller. This will be the third time that Hawke and Niccol have worked together. They previously worked on Gattaca and Lord of War together. 

In the new project, Hawke will play a fighter pilot who "becomes a Las Vegas-based drone pilot. He fights the Taliban by remote control for twelve hours a day, then goes home to the suburbs and feuds with his wife and kids for the other twelve. He starts to question his mission, and asking himself if he is creating more terrorists than he is killing in a war seemingly without end." 

These two guys have made some great films together, and I'm sure this one will turn out to be just as good. I've enjoyed the film that Niccol has made, he's a solid storyteller who is great at developing characters.

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