THE LEGO MOVIE Character Photos and Details

LEGO is such a huge brand, and I'm curious to see how well The LEGO Movie does when it's released in theaters. It looks like it's going to be a really fun and entertaining movie, and we have a little more information about it, thanks to USA Today. They've released some photos from the film along with some more information on the characters. While talking about the film directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord had this to say about bringing the project to life:

Miller - "At first we thought, 'Oh, I don't know. A movie based on a plastic brick?' But we thought that maybe there is a way to do an interesting story as crazy and random as the toy itself. And we thought, we'll pitch this crazy idea and if they don't want to do it, then fine."

Lord - "In a weird way it's sort of the most commercial thing we could do, and at the same time this is gonzo, punk-rock anti-establishment kind of movie. It's the tension and marriage between the two that really excites us."

Miller - "We've basically made a movie about totalitarianism for kids. We definitely felt we wanted to honor the intense loyalty and passion people have for Legos."

They go on to say that basically enough LEGO awesomeness has been created to bring audiences a ton of sequels, saying,

"There are robots, aliens, cowboys, monsters, animals and all colors of the rainbow, We would say there are enough characters and worlds for many, many sequels."

The film features the voices of Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, Liam Neeson, Nick Offerman, Alison Brie, and more. We can expect to see a new trailer for the movie on November 1st. In the meantime, here is some more information on the characters:


The very, very normal construction worker accidentally finds himself anointed "The Special" by a band of rebels who believe he is the key to saving their world from a controlling dictator. Turns out there's not much special about the hopeless Emmet.
"We like the challenge of a story around the most generic, forgettable man in the universe," says Lord.
"Emmet's enthusiasm is something we share," says Pratt. "I seem to be really enthusiastic about things as well in life. Maybe more so than I should be. It's probably why (directors) Chris and Phil had me in mind when they created the character."
"This character, maybe more than any I have ever played, is closest to who I am," says Pratt. "It's just a bewildered idiot who is not exactly sure why he's been given an opportunity to do something great. And he's hoping he doesn't screw up."


The free-spirited Master Builder has an independent streak as wild as the color streaks in her plastic hair. She's a car-building specialist, tough and respected. "She's definitely on equal footing with the guys," says Banks. "She is real sassy. She overcomes all obstacles, including that she's a tiny Lego."
Banks says "Wyldstyle is very much me in two-inch form. I brought as much of my sass and attitude that I could get into her."


Taken from an actual Lego piece, Batman is a gruff-voiced protector of Bricksburg. "There are a lot of elements and characters in this world. You need someone to fight crime, a superhero," says Arnett.
But this superhero can be a little inept, despite the effective scowl. "He does have a few shortcomings. He might not be the greatest Batman," says Arnett. "But he's the baddest character in the movie. And he's a good guy."

 President Business:

President Business is an uptight CEO who wants the world to fit into his well-organized plan. Secretly, he's also Lord Business, who oversees a robot militia and attempts to take over the Lego world.
"The ruler of this universe wants everything to stay exactly where he put it and every piece to be in its place," says Lord. "Innovators like Master Builders drive him crazy."
Ferrell is a good fit to voice both characters "since he can get really frustrated in a really funny way," says Miller.



The bearded mystic Master Builder looks like a Lord of the Rings wizard and speaks with the wise voice of Freeman - but doesn't always use the smartest words.
"We thought he should look like Gandalf, and it would be so funny if we had this voice that everyone trusts," says Lord. "And then we gave him the most ridiculous things to say."
Vitruvius might not be an orator, but he is the prophet who sees the coming of "The Special" to defeat Lord Business.

Good Cop/Bad Cop:

President Business' toughest henchman Bad Cop is all bad, until he finds out he has a Good Cop living inside of him. It's kind of obvious since there are two faces drawn on the character.
"It was great to play a piece of plastic, and a schizophrenic one at that," says Neeson, noting that "Bad Cop is a dedicated solider who will do anything for President Business."
However, "with a quick swivel of the head he becomes Good Cop."

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