Hilarious, Over the Top Scene from Bollywood Film SINGHAM

HumorVideosby Mick Joest

Two things I learned today: I want to see Singham, and Bajirao Singham is my new favorite action hero. Why? He doesn't take s***, ever. For example....

Then he just smooth talks his way out of smacking the latex off that woman's face! From what I can gather, this movie is similar in premise to films like Machete , but can Machete slowly tear a lamppost out of concrete? Can Machete catch up to a car on foot and smash the lamppost into a dude's face?! CAN MACHETE DO A FLYING PIMP SLAP?! He probably could, but let it be known, Singham did it first. It's now streaming on Netflix, for those of you who are interested.

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