GRAVITY Movie Review - Best Movie of the Year

I was so pumped up for Gravity! I believed the hype. I loved what I saw in the trailers. I'm a big fan of Alfonso Cuarón's directing style, and it had an incredible cast of two consisting of Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. What could possibly go wrong? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This was a beautiful, perfectly made film. You need to see it now if you haven't already! I promise you this is one of the best movies you'll ever see.

This movie couldn't have been made any better. It opens up with an almost 20-minute single shot in space that literally took my breath away. It just kept going, and it kept getting better and better from there. I was locked into the film from the very opening shot to the moment it ended. This movie hooks you and doesn't let go. The intensity of it is powerful! I caught myself holding my breath several times throughout the movie. That rarely happens to me, but I had to remind myself to breathe while watching this. Not only is it intense but it really does a great job of tugging at your other emotions of anxiety, fear, sadness, and joy. This movie hit them all. I really cared about the characters in the film, and what happened to them. There were moments in the film where I actually got choked up and wanted to cry, but I held back the tears. That wasn't just because of the story; it was also because of how freakin' magnificent the film was.

The special effects were top notch. They really pulled off some unbelievably amazing stuff. I've watch a few of the featurettes that have been released for the movie, but I hope we get to see an in-depth documentary of the making of the movie. The film's visuals and cinematography were truly awe-inspiring. They made me never want to go into space. I don't know what I was thinking when I was a kid wanting to be an astronaut. I could never do that. On top of the visuals, the way the sound was done was just brilliant. There is no sound in space, which is what really made the aspect of sound in the film really interesting. It was more bass than anything.

I loved the characters in the story. Clooney and Bullock were magnificent, and Bullock should be nominated again for best actress at the Oscars. That was one of the best performances I've seen this year. She brought a heavy emotional weight to her character, and I was rooting for her the whole time. 

Cuarón delivered one hell of a stunning movie that everyone needs to see. I want the movie and the director to be nominated for Best Picture and Best Director at the Oscars and win. Gravity is my favorite movie of the year, and I don't think I'll see anything better the rest of the year. Damn, I don't know when I'll see a better made film in general! At the end of the movie, I literally wanted to jump out of my chair and cheer. I applaud the director for making such a brilliant film. I can't wait to see what he does next. 

Now go see the movie!

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