Listen To The Complete 1940's Radio Drama of THE BLUE BEETLE


Now officially public domain, the original 1940's Blue Beetle Radio Drama is on the web for your enjoyment! First created in 1939 the story follows rookie policeman Dan Garrett, the mentor to Ted Kord. Garrett wore a blue bullet-proof vest and took magic vitamins that made him super powered. 

I can't express how awesome this is. Take a listen to the first episode. I love the old timey sound and the hilarious old school mentality. You'll hear a lot of "funny business" and other 40's slang get chucked around. The first episode has one of the best exchanges of dialogue though...

Garrett: Hey! Look that man is giving a kid a cigarette!

Officer: So what Garrett? 

Garrett: So what?! That's not just a cigarette, that's a marijuana cigarette! That thief is pushing dope! 

The full series can be found in the embed below. It's worth a listen for sure. 


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