Cover Art for Disney SEEKERS OF THE WEIRD Comic

This is our first look at the cover art for the first issue of Disney and Marvel's new comic series, Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird #1. The comic was teased at the D23 Expo earlier this year. Disney Kingdoms is a new banner they will be releasing their comics under. The image above comes from Inside the Magic, and this is the rundown they give about the new comic series:

Created in close partnership with Walt Disney Imagineering, the Disney Kingdoms line will feature exciting adventures expanding upon existing beloved lands, attractions, characters, and worlds of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.
“Disney Kingdoms is the ultimate team-up for fans of Disney and Marvel,” said Editor Bill Rosemann. “Working hand-in-hand with the world-famous Walt Disney Imagineers, Marvel’s best and brightest creators will unleash entire worlds inspired by and built around the attractions and characters that you’ve always known—but will experience for the very first time.”
Beginning in January 2014, “Seekers of the Weird” will be the first all-new adventure inspired by Disney’s legendary – but never built – “Museum of the Weird” attraction dreamed up by famous Imagineer Rolly Crump in 1965. The Museum of the Weird was to be home to a collection of mystical curiosities said to have been unearthed from all corners of the globe, originally conceived as a spooky walk-through attraction connected to The Haunted Mansion. Crump’s innovative designs were left on the drawing board, now resurrected in comic form.

I can only imagine that if this is successful, the studio will end up adapting it into a film. It looks like it could be a really cool adventure! 

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