RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS: Bringing Tension Back to Survival Horror

You can peep the newest trailer for the HD rerelease of Resident Evil Revelations below, and it's hard to not get a bit nostalgic after watching. Revelations was originally released on the 3DS to very high praise from critics and fans, so it makes business sense that Capcom would release it on other platforms. Though this doesn't seem to be just another cobbled together port. Capcom has supposedly reworked and in some instances rebuilt the graphics and textures of the game to take advantage of the additional power granted by the 360 and PS3. They've also added in a new enemy type as well as expanded on Raid mode from the original release.

Even without the HD graphics and the new features, I'm not sure I could pass this up. I enjoyed my time with RE:6, but there was something missing. After watching the trailer for Revelations, I know what that is, and I know I want it back. I love how in previous games Capcom went above and beyond to make you feel like a complete badass. However, that's not what made the series great. It was the tension they were able to create, and how every corner could bring something horrific upon you. I enjoyed 5 and I enjoyed 6, but they weren't true Resident Evils, not for me anyway.

Here's hoping that Revelations is the back-to-its-roots kick in the pants that we've been waiting for.

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