SKYRIM Swag - Glow-in-the-Dark Nirnroot Vial

Wandering the strange land of Skyrim, you probably came across a strange, glowing plant that hums just a little when you get near it. This strange piece of Flora is known as Nirnroot. You can harvest the Nirnroot for alchemy (alchemical?) purposes, or you could just dump all of it in one of your houses because your character is a Nirnroot hoarder.

Portal and Portkey over on Etsy have crated a little vial that has a piece of Nirnroot in it. The cool thing about it is that after the lights go out, it glows in the dark like it would in the game. I doubt it will hum, that would take some actual magic to make that happen.

Here is a description from the page:

This pendant is 4cm tall and contains one large and two small glow in the dark Nirnroot fronds, each delicately harvested and preserved just for you.

All three of the free floating leaves and the other particles in the liquid they are floating in glow in the dark. The effect is an ethereal, glowing blue-green color.

Included in this order:
1 pendant
1 18" silver-colored ball chain

To get the glow effect, expose the pendant to direct bright light for 30 seconds to a full minute. After that, turn out the lights and enjoy!

The vial costs $18.00, which is a really awesome price considering that it is Skyrim swag. Head over to the Etsy page to grab one today.

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