Sandra Bullock to Play Super Villain in MINIONS

Sandra Bullock has been cast to voice the main super villain in Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment's Despicable Me spin-off film, Minions. The movie centers on the little yellow henchmen that who were introduced to us in Despicable Me. According to Deadline, Bullock will voice a character named Scarlet Overkill, "a stylish bad-ass super-villain who is (what else?), bent on world domination." I believe this is the first kind of villain role that Bullock has had. Here's a more detailed description of the story, 

This spinoff establishes that Minions have existed since the beginning of time, in service of history’s most ambitiously evil villains. Through their lovable ineptitude, Minions have managed to thwart and ultimately kill all of those bad guys. This story picks up in the 1960s, before they hench-ed for Gru. After wiping out all their masters, the Minions fall into a collective depression and three of them set out to seek a new evil master. They wind up at a villain convention, where they compete for the right to be henchmen for Scarlet Overkill, whose Audrey Hepburn-like high style appearance belies her world domination ambition and her aspirations to become the world’s first female super-villain.

The 3-D CG animated comedy is being directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda, and will be released December 19th, 2014.