Cool Promo Trailer for GHOST IN THE SHELL: ARISE

MovieTrailer Anime by Joey Paur

We've got our first look at the new Japanese anime series Ghost in the Shell: Arise. This is going to be a four part prequel to Ghost in the Shell which gives us the history of what led to Motoko Kusanagi becoming a crime fighting cyborg. Each part will be 50 minutes long, and will get a short limited theatrical release in June, and will be released in Japan on Blu-ray snd DVD on July 26th. 

The new series was directed by Kise Kazuchika who's worked on other projects such as Blood: The Last Vampire, Dennou Coil, and Neon Genesis Evangelion franchises, as well as previous Ghost In The Shell projects that have been made. Mardock Scramble creator Ubukata Tow wrote the screenplay.

This looks like it's going to be pretty awesome, and is that an Akira motorcycle she's riding around? Check out the the promo trailer!

Here's a translation of what all that means in the trailer...

The year 2027
Her name is Motoko Kusanagi.
Attached to the 501st Army Secret Unit.
Heavily Cyborg
Hope for the Future
What proves my existence?
It all begins here.

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