Elizabeth Olsen Briefly Talks About GODZILLA

A few days ago it was reported that Elizabeth Olsen was in talks to star in Gareth Edward's highly anticipated Godzilla reboot. The actress recently confirmed her involvement and briefly talked about the project saying,

It's definitely not lighthearted. It's kind of going back to its roots of the original Japanese film.

I was hoping that the film would go back to the roots and pay tribute to the original. The 1954 Godzilla movie was designed to serve as an allegory for nuclear weapons. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Johnson are also in talks to star in the film, which will revolve around a soldier and a giant monster fighting other giant monsters.

Frank Darabont (The Walking Dead, Shawshank Redemption, The Mist, The Green Mile) is currently working on the script, and it's set to hit theaters May 16th, 2014. To read more about Darabont's vision of the film, click here.

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