Will WRECK-IT RALPH 2 To Include Dirk the Daring?!

In a recent interview with IGN Wreck-It Ralph director Rich Moore talked a little bit about the sequel he wants to make for the CG animated film. We've previously heard that he would like to include Mario and Tron in the movie, but he revealed that he's also like to include Dirk the Daring from the classic game Dragon's Lair! Dirk is easily one of my favorite video game characters of all time, and it would be amazing if he was included in the sequel! Here's what Moore said in the interview,

There was definitely an old school one that I loved as a kid, and that was Dirk the Daring from Dragon's Lair. I loved that game. It was so different from other video games that had 2D animation in it. It was just very unique at that time, and it had things that I loved about both animation and video games within it. It really rekindled my love of 2D animation at just the right time, as a teenager. I really wanted that character in Wreck-It Ralph, but the legal red tape made it pretty impossible to get the rights to him. But it would be greatto try and get that character freed up for a sequel, should there be one.

The director then goes on to talk about what other game genres he'd like to explore, like mobile gaming.

Definitely, as I said, that kind of social gaming aspect would be a lot of fun, but I also love mobile gaming. I don't exactly know how we could work it in, you know, things like Angry Birds and the With Friends games -- only because I love playing them. It just seems like it would be great to work in a story about those types of games that are so prevalent and contemporary and part of today's culture. I would love to somehow work that into a sequel. 

As of right now Moore is just waiting to get the official word from Disney so they can start working on the sequel. I'm sure it will happen, and when it does it sounds like there's a lot of cool new concepts and video game characters that will be included in the new adventure! 

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