WRECK-IT RALPH Deleted Scene - Extreme EZ Livin' 2

Wreck-It Ralph was such a great movie, and I'm excited to see what director Rich Moore is planning for the sequel. We've got a fun deleted scene for you depicting one of the story's dropped video game worlds, "Extreme EZ Livin' 2." The clip was never fully animated, so it's in the form of an animatic. Here's an explanation of the deleted scene from director,

Well, Extreme EZ Livin' was this idea that was floated out to Ralph by Bobby Dunderson, who was this kind of ne'er-do-well Hero's Duty character. He told Ralph about this other game that sounded like paradise. It was a place where there were no good guys, no bad guys, just guys -- and girls and sun and surf. It was kind of this Shangri-La where Ralph could forget his troubles. It was a game sort of like The Sims meets Grand Theft Auto, and it was a little amoral with no object to the game. It was just about collecting what we called "Like Its" from other characters in the game, depending on how well you were dressed or what kind of accouterments you were wearing. It was a place where Ralph could drown his sorrows in a hot tub with margaritas. Eventually, in the story, it was the place that Ralph was going to go once he disappointed Vanellope and himself. You know, it was another game world that came very late in the story that people were finding a lot to digest in a movie of about 90 minutes long. In fact, it was making our movie about two hours long, which is pretty long for an animated film. Unfortunately, even though we all loved the idea of this place and what seemed to be a paradise for Ralph as well as a real bottom for him, it was just too much to add in the film. Hopefully, we'll maybe get to revisit that idea, because I think it's one that's worth exploring. It just didn't make the cut for the first Wreck-It Ralph. 

Now check out the scene! Do you think this would've made a good addition to the movie? Maybe there's a chance we will see it in the sequel. 

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