BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY - Nightwing Statue Seems to Be Looking for a Fight

I mean, it is a very "go ahead and try" kind of expression on his face. As a huge fan of the Arkham games I'm ecstatic to see Rocksteady's Nightwing represented in statue form. It's also nice to see the classic black and blue color scheme. Not that I hate the New 52 version, but there's something about the blue that always just popped better for me.

While there aren't any specifics yet as to price or height, Mr. Grayson will probably come in around the 9' to 10' scale and the $100 to $125 range of the other statues in the line (Harley & Joker). The detailing on the armor and the solitary color pop of blue amongst the black and white go a long way to making this statue a must own, at least for me. No hard release date has been set other than 2013, but once that gets announced I'll make sure to let you all know.

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