THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: Dragons Don't Stand a Chance in SkyRule

While Link might not be as outwardly threatening as a full fledged Dragonborn, it doesn't mean he wouldn't do any less damage to the poor guy that underestimated him. In this cool little mashup of Bethesda's Skyrim and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Deviant Art user HeavyMetalHanzo has given us a glimpse of what could be an awesome game if it were ever produced.

Skyrim's open ended gameplay and leveling system with the third person view and graphical style of Wind Waker? Sign me up! There have been others that have come close, but none have nailed that exact combination. Even if that doesn't happen anytime soon, it's still a great piece of art, and if you like it make sure to head to his DeviantArt page and view some of his other game related artwork.

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