23-Year-Long Game of Tag Will Be Turned into a Movie

Movieby Joey Paur

It's been a long time since I've played a game of tag, but there's a group of friends from Washington state known as the "Tag Brothers" that've been playing a game of tag for 23 years! It started in high school, went through college, and then evolved into an epic nationwide event that happens every year in the month of February.

Now in their 40s, the former classmates have spread across the country in various fields (one’s a priest), but they stay in touch during the month of February by chasing each other across the country in an obsessive game of tag. They will jet cross country, break into each other’s homes, hide in the bushes until a target appears, or leave for a long vacation to avoid being tagged, all in the name of not ending up “It,” and having to wear that loser title a whole year.

That sounds like it would be a very hard, very expensive game of tag, but it does sound like it could be a ton of fun! The story behind this insane game of tag was discovered in a Wall Street Journal article, and is now being turned into a movie. There were a lot of producers trying to get their hands on the rights to the story, but the Tag Brothers ended up selling the rights to Broken Road producer Todd Garner, who will create a pitch and take it to Hollywood studios.

I can see this being a very fun and big ensemble comedy film with an all-star cast of actors. I'll be looking forward to seeing how this movie develops. 

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