Michael Mann to Direct Chris Hemsworth in Cyber Threat Thriller

Michael Mann hasn't made a movie in four years. The last movie he made was 2009s Public Enemies with Johnny Depp. Mann is a great director, and I've enjoyed the movies that he's made in his career. Some of my favorites include Last of the Mohicans, The Insider, Heat, and Collateral

The filmmaker is attached to direct his next feature film for Legendary Pictures, and it will star Chris Hemsworth. There's no title or information on the film yet, other than is will take place in a world of cyber threats and attacks. 

Over the years Mann has been attached to direct a couple of projects such as Gold with Christian Bale, and a racing film called Go Like Hell for Fox. None of these project ever made it into production. Hopefully this new movie actually does because his films usually turn out being great.

What's your favorite film that Michael Mann has directed?

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