Awesome DOCTOR WHO 11th Doctor T-Shirt!

Check out this hilariously awesome Doctor Who costume t-shirt for the 11th Doctor. It comes from Stylin Online, and you can get one for yourself for $24.88 – $27.88.

This Doctor Who t shirt doubles as a costume with an uncanny design that looks like the bow tie outfit worn by the 11th doctor, Matt Smith. The Doctor Who 11th Doctor Costume T Shirt is brown with a design showing a brown jacket over a striped dress shirt with a crimson bow tie.

I've also included a few other Doctor Who T-Shirts for you to check out for Doctors 4-7. These would make a fun and quick Halloween costume, but would any of you wear them just for the hell of it? 

  • 4th Doctor – Snappy outfit that consisting of waistcoat, frock coat, wide-brimmed hat and, most famously, his amazing multicoloured scarf
  • 5th Doctor – Cream-colored frock coat, cricket jumper and iconic question mark lapels
  • 6th Doctor – Patchwork coat, cat pin and iconic question mark lapels
  • 7th Doctor – Whimsical wonderful waistcoat