Why Americans Love DIE HARD - Infographic

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone didn't exactly make an explosion with their supposed "comeback" films (The Last Stand and Bullet To The Head, respectively). Which leaves us wondering, will their Expendables cohort, Bruce Willis, suffer the same box-office fate??? Probably not. Early box-office numbers narrowly put A Good Day To Die Hard in the top spot for the holiday weekend. It was hardly a fair fight though. Sly and Arnold came in with lower budget first installments earlier this year, while Willis' return as John McClane was the biggest budgeted and most aggresively marketed Die Hard film yet. 

If the success of the over-the-top, self-referencing Expendables films and the failure of Sly and Arnold's latest efforts teaches us anything, it's that we love the nostalgia of '80s and '90s action films, we're just not necessarily in love with the action stars themselves. But Willis is by far the more likable actor, and he's has got both those decades covered with this one franchise! If that's not enough proof that Americans are fully prepared to embrace John McClane once more, FinancesOnline has put together this fun infographic detailing why Americans love Die Hard.


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