29 STAR WARS Mashup Posters

Photographer David Eger's first project, 365 Days of Clones, featured daily photos of Clone Troopers acting out hilarious antics. Eger's newest project, titled 52 Weeks of Star Wars, features a weekly Star Wars mashup. I've selected 29 of the best, in as highres as I could find them. The level of detail that Eger has put into each is really amazing.

In an interview with Wired, Eger reveals a bit about his process:

Almost all the pictures are staged in his basement studio using the 500 or so Star Wars figurines he’s collected since he was a kid. He has toys from the original release, a re-release in the 1990s as well as contemporary figures. The original toys are valuable as collector’s items but Eger prefers the newer ones for photos because their articulation points can be wrangled into more creative positions.

Make sure to check out the full 52 Mashups and 365 Days of Clones.

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