IRON MAN 3 - Officially Licensed Costumes are Cute, Cool, and Sassy

Movie Iron Man 3 by Free Reyes

These officially licensed Iron Man 3 costumes are the best off-the-shelf costumes I've seen in a while and unless you're a cosplay pro, they're better than what you could make at home. (Thanks: CBM)

The Mark XLVII design has really grown on me and has become my favorite suit. 

The Cute

If my kid was maybe a year older, I'd totally suit him up in his own Mark XLVII.


The Cool

Everything above the waist looks really cool, everything below looks like pajamas. Also for some reason gloves are sold as a separate item. I can't wait to do my grocery shopping rocking this costume.

The child Iron Patriot has an optional shoulder cannon, the adult one does not, which is lame. If you like Iron Man and red-white-and-blue then this costume is for you.


The Sassy

The word sassy is not used enough in our normal everyday language. Which is why I've made sure to use is it in all my social profiles, resumes, business correspondence, and letters to congress.

I couldn't find a date for when these would be available but before Halloween is the obvious answer, if they came out before May 3rd I'm sure you would see a lot of fans wearing these to midnight screenings. For more info on where you can buy these costumes go to

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