Leaked Picture Reveals What Could Be the Next Name and Logo for the New XBOX

RumorGames by Jason Williams

Hey there gamers! A picture has been making its rounds around the web of what is supposedly a leaked screenshot from a dev unit used for the next Xbox console. What’s shown should come as no surprise to some gamers out there, at least not to me. 

Xbox Infinity, yup… that’s the name boys and girls. 

I have to admit, I kind of like the name. It has already been long rumored that the next Xbox would need to always be connected to the internet in order for it operate, unlike the current gen. Plus with the reveal of Bungie’s Destiny game (which is also rumored to be a launch game for the next system), it just adds credence that this reveal could in fact be true. Why you ask? Well it seems Destiny will be an always-on type of game, kind of like an MMO in your console, with its own world that always has players changing aspects of it.

Could this be the future of a lot of future Xbox games? Who knows, but if it is, we will surely get our money’s worth. Sure, the above sounds like a stretch to connect the two things. But we also have to remember that the #1  rumor for the new system is that in order to play any game, you need to have an internet connection, all in an effort to combat game piracy. 

So for now gamers, let’s take this with a grain of salt, because no one knows if it’s in fact a real thing. Quite possibly, this could all be a viral marketing ploy by Microsoft to get us talking, to which they have succeeded. Either way, we will know the true name and specs very soon. 

(Note: The box shot image used at the top of this page was made by artist Cory Schmitz, showing how they would design the packaging. That's it!)

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