Sam Raimi on Why He Hasn't Seen THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Yet

Sam Raimi has yet to watch Marc Webb's vision of The Amazing Spider-Man, and in a recent interview with The Huffington Post the director explains why he hasn't watched it. 

Well, I'm a big Marc Webb fan and a GIANT fan of Emma Stone. And of Andrew Garfield. I saw him on Broadway in 'Death of a Salesman' -- it's just brilliant. And I love the producers of that movie because they are dear friends, and the writer.  But I haven't had the guts to go see the movie yet, because I don't want to go to my girlfriend's wedding. I just can't bring myself to do it--I don't have the guts.

He goes on to say that his wife saw the film and that she loved it,

But I hear it's great. My wife even loved the picture and said it was a wonderful, excellently produced, beautifully acted, brilliantly written Spider-Man picture. She'd tell me the truth and that's what she said.

The director was then asked about the new film and director being in his shadow, and to that he responded,

I don't feel he was in my shadow at all. I think I handed the torch to Marc and I hear that he ran with it and succeeded and made a brilliant picture. I'm happy for him and all the team, and I only wish him the best and I salute them because it's a tough job, too, and obviously he's pleased the fans so I'm proud for him and I'm happy for my friends on the picture.

I can completely understand how Raimi would feel this way. I had the chance to talk to Raimi a little bit myself the other day, and I have to say he's one of the nicest, sincerest, most awesome guys ever. 

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