This Guy is Building a $20,000 Cylon Raider Replica!

Photosby Joey Paur

I have no mechanical or building skills whatsoever. I could never build anything like this. I tried building models when I was growing up, and they always turned out looking like crap. But this guy, Eugene Haggerty, is in the process of building a classic half-scale Cylon Raider from Battlestar Galactica in his backyard. 

He started the process in October of 2012 and so far he's spent 150 hours constructing it, he explains that "the base chassis is a 1978 Cochran Airport Systems model 660 belt loader that was originally an e350 Ford chassis. These are used on the airports to load baggage into the aircraft." So he plans on making this thing move. 

The goal is to have the Raider completed by May 2013 so it can serve as the centerpiece for Galacticon 3, a major Battlestar convention. So far he's spent $10,000 on the project, and he needs $10,000 more to finish it. He's hoping the fans will help him out with that...

All donations above $20.00 will have their name engraved on the standing plaque that will be with the unit on display. Donations between $20 and $100 will, in addition, receive an autographed picture of the raider mailed to them, and emailed if requested. Donations from $100 and up will receive, in addition to the picture, a tee shirt and their name engraved on the plaque inside the unit, as well as on the standing plaque. Any donation above $500.00 we gain them an opportunity to drive and operate the unit at one of the conventions.

I know it doesn't look like much now, but it looks like he's on the right track. I'd love to see how it turns out so I hope he's able to finish it.

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