Universal Pictures Looking to Adapt the Sci-Fi Novel ARCLIGHT

Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment are planning to developed a big screen adaptation of Josin L. McQuein's upcoming young adult sci-fi novel Arclight. The story is set "in a post-apocalyptic future where the remnants of humanity are hunkered down in an outpost protected by a wall of light named Arclight, hiding from creatures known as the Fade. Into this enclave enters a lone teenage girl with no memory of who she is and how she survived in what is called the Dark but one who holds the key to its survival." Brian Grazer is set to produce the movie, and they've hired Matthew Sand (Ninja Assassin) to write the screenplay. Here's the official description of the book. 

There is the Light. There is the Dark. And no one survives The Fade. These are the absolutes... until a teenage girl stumbles out of the shadows with no memory of how she survived. 

Her appearance brings hope, but also danger as a race of parasitic, chameleon-like creatures known as The Fade begin attacking those who have given her shelter. Torn between the possibility that she's the key to defeating the Fade, and the growing dissent that would sacrifice the girl in hopes of stopping the attacks, she's hard pressed to find anyone she can trust.

She finds a strained ally in the son of the man who died to bring her to safety. And when the two teens stumble across a captive Fade who begs them for help locating his lost mate, they begin to wonder if the Fade are the enemy they've been taught to believe.

Does this sound like a story you'd be interested in seeing on the big screen? 

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