9 Movie Posters Featuring Actors that Almost Starred in the Films

MoviePosterby Joey Paur

A lot of movies go through several different casting changes before the film actually goes into production. Once the movie is made it's hard to see anyone else in the roles for those films. These nine posters created by Kristy Puchko at The FW, show us what the movie posters may have looked like if the original actor cast in the film ended up doing it. We've got Will Smith in Django Unchained, Mark Wahlberg in Brokeback Mountain, Dustin Hoffman in Blade Runner, Vince Vaughn in Silver Linings Playbook, Liam Neeson in Lincoln, Sean Connery in The Lord of the Rings, Nicolas Cage in The Matrix, Robin Williams in Batman Forever, and Tom Selick in Indiana Jones.

Look over the posters and let us know if you would have liked to see any of these alternative casting choices become a reality. 

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