Mondo Oscar Posters for Argo, Zero Dark Thirty, Brave, Django Unchained, and More

ArtMovie MondoOscars by Joey Paur

Last week we brought you a great set of Mondo poster art paying tribute to some of the film that were nominated for the 85th Academy Awards. They've now released the second part of the collection, featuring films such as Argo, Moonrise Kingdom, Brave, Wreck-It Ralph, Zero Dark Thirty and a couple different prints for Django Unchained. Unfortunately all of these posters sold out during the Oscar show last night, but it doesn't mean we still can't enjoy the art! I love all of these, but my favorites from this set are the prints for Zero Dark Thirty and Django Unchained. Check out the posters and let us know what your favorites are!

Here’s the info on each poster:

Argo by Kilian Eng
Edition of 325
24″ x 36″ Screenprint
Price $45

Moonrise Kingdom – Jay Ryan
Edition of 330
Size 18″ x 24″
Price $35

Brave – Dave Petersen
Edition of 330
Size 24×36
Price $50

Wreck-It Ralph – Tom Whalen
Regular Edition of 430
Variant Edition of 230
Size 24×36
Price $45 / $75

Django Unchained – Rich Kelly
Regular Edition of 290
Variant Edition of 135
Size 24×36
Price $45 / $75

Zero Dark Thirty – Jock
Regular Edition of 340
Variant Edition of 165
Size 24×36
Price $45 / $75

Django Unchained – Tyler Stout
Regular Edition of 700
Variant Edition of 290
Size 24×36
Price $60 / $110

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