FALLOUT 3: Pip-Boy 3000 Replica is Jaw-Dropping


To all of you Fallout fans out there, this is something to be in complete awe of. Check out this fantastic Fallout 3 Pip-Boy 3000 replica made by Zachariah Perry. It looks like it perfectly hopped right out of the game and into the real world. Although it seems he is not selling this, who knows, you may be able to hit him up with the perfect price and he will accept. 

Not that familiar with the Pip-Boy 3000? Check out this chunk of info from the Fallout Wikia page

The player is equipped with the Pip-Boy 3000A; it is indicated that there are other models in the 3000 line, with A being one of the oldest. The Pip-Boy 3000A is worn on the character's left forearm. This multifunction device has been programmed by Pip-Boy developers to display the wearer's stats, area maps, inventory, and item properties. It also includes a Geiger counter and a radio, and its screen doubles as a flashlight. A user can set their color preference for the display. The four colors available are amber, blue, green, and white. The display color must be changed through the pause menu rather than the Pip-Boy itself. 

If you could have your very own working Pip-Boy, what would be your favorite feature? Or better yet, what would you add to it?


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