Looks Like We're Going to Get a BOONDOCK SAINTS 3

Movie by Joey Paur

I'm a big fan of the first Boondock Saints movie, and the documentary that followed the making of it called Overnight. I didn't really care for the sequel though. It had some fun ridiculous moments, but in the end I was pretty disappointed, and it seemed like a lot of other fans were as well. 

It took director Troy Duffy ten years to make the sequel, but it's looking like it won't take that long to get a third film off the ground. In case you're wondering how and why a sequel is happening, it's because the sequel actually did pretty well with home entertainment sales.

The news of Boondock Saints 3 comes from star Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) who says it might happen. Here's what he said in an interview with IFC,

I’m meeting with Sean [Patrick Flanery] and Troy [Duffy] tonight. I just landed a couple hours ago and tonight I’m going over to Troy’s house with Sean. It’s definitely in the works. Look for it. It’s gonna be crazy.

If these guys want a third movie to happen I'm sure it will happen. If they are able to get something into production I hope to hell it turns out better than that sequel, because that made me not want to see anymore of these films. Are you excited about the possibility of seeing a Boondock Saints 3?

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