Trailer for New BBC Series IN THE FLESH about Zombie Rehabilitation

TVTrailerBBCby Joey Paur

Check out this trailer for a great looking new BBC zombie series coming out called In The Flesh. It's not your normal zombie series, this one has a cool little twist. This show focuses on a recovering zombie who is going through a rehabilitation process. Here's a description of the story,

Set in the aftermath of a zombie outbreak in the UK, the series will follow Kieren (Luke Newberry), a dead teenager who was resurrected as a zombie and has since been rehabilitated somehow by the British government (they apparently call his condition "Partially Deceased Syndrome"). As Kieren attempts to re-enter society (while surrounded by people whose friends and relatives he just ate), he continues to struggle with the old urges that come with being a shambling undead cannibal. 

The series is set to debut on BBC Three on Sunday, March 17th. There's no word on when it'll hit the USA, but I imagine it will eventually end up getting an Americanized version. Check out the trailer!

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