Movieby Joey Paur

Illustration by Sean McCabe

Hustle & Flow director Craig Brewer has signed on to direct his next feature film for Paramount Picture called Gangster Princess of Beverly Hills. The movie is based on a true story and it sounds pretty crazy. It's also a perfect project for the director to take on.

The story is based on a Rolling Stone article published last summer about Lisette Lee, "who portrayed herself to be an heiress to the Samsung fortune, as well as an actress, singer and model. She faked all of that, and beneath the bling were secrets, lies and private jets filled with weed. She was a drug mule, caught trafficking 500 pounds of pot into Ohio, for which she drew a six-year sentence."

Brewer is a solid director that has also brought us films such as Black Snake Moan and the Footloose remake, which was his last movie. 

This is an intriguing story, one definitely worth reading if you have the time... or you can just wait for the movie. But if you do want to read the article click here.