Are you looking for the respect that you think you deserve? Well, if you go around wearing this Star Trek Into Darkness Command T-Shirt people will have to recognize you as an officer in Starfleet. I'm sure you'll recognize the shirt as the same one Benedict Cumberbatch is wearing in the trailer when he's locked away in a glass cell for being some kind of an asshole or something. 

I actually think the shirt is really cool, and I'll be ordering myself one... when they are restocked. It's the closest thing I'll ever come to wearing any kind of Star Trek costume.

This screen-accurate Command T-Shirt features a custom-made insignia that is not screen printed and it isn’t a patch. Instead, an innovative method is used that uses flex material and flock. The gold areas of the insignias are flex and have a metallic look. The black areas of the insignias are made from flock, a velvet-like material with a 3-D look and feel.

These T-shirts are 100% machine washable and dryable so feel free to wear it often. Get it for $29.99 from Entertainment Earth.